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Have T's will travel Empty Have T's will travel

Post by repfarm on Wed Sep 15, 2010 2:56 pm

I will be coming to Huntsville, AL this fall and can meet you at place of your choosing. This is what I have. I am too new to be comfortable sexing for sure. The sexes are probable.

1.1 B. Smithi 3" ?
0.1 B. Vagans 3-4" ?
0.1 Tiger Rump 3" ? ( I put a M.M. in with her a month ago.) I saw no activity on her part. He approached her.

Comes with clear box each. None have attempted to bite. Slight hair flicking on the B. Vagans, one of the B. Smithi, the other B. Smithi will flick when box is opened but settles down after that.

Good home only. Cash offers please. Will trade for silver though. I got these as slings two or three years ago.

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