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Collection sale!!1

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Collection sale!!1 Empty Collection sale!!1

Post by JLTerry on Thu May 13, 2010 10:06 pm

Unfortunately I am having to sell my collection of T's Collection sale!!1 T-mo-sad due to personal
issues and flack I'm getting from the wife. I have alot invested and I
know I will loose in this but giving up my T's is cheaper than a
So.... I am selling off my collection and someone will be able to get a
great deal on some really good T's. I prefer to sell this entire
collection at once and will take offers. Unfortunately there are alot of
T's and they all will come with the enclosures they are in (most are in
plastic containers) so I will not be able to ship these T's, however I
am willing to make the drive to meet someone halfway as long as it's
within just an hour or couple hours. So since I live in Alabama this
will limit some potential buyers and I apologize.

Ok I have put together a list but I think some are missing, I will
update it later when I can check to see what all I have. This is what
you would get, probably a few more as well:

0.0.1 P. metallica 3.5"+
0.0.2 P. regalis 4"+
0.0.1 P. miranda 1"+
0.0.2 P. pederseni 4"+
0.1.1 N. vulpinus (strawberry blonde)
6"+ second is most likely female also
0.1.0 N. chromatus 6"+
0.1.2 L. parahybana 4"+ female is at least 7"
0.0.1 A. versicolor 3.5"
0.0.2 B. smithi (mexican redknee) 2"+
o.o.2 B. emelia (mexican redleg) 3"+
o.o.4 G. pulchra (brazilian black) 1"+
0.0.1 L. violaceopes (singapore blue) 1.5"+
o.o.2 G. pulchripes (chaco golden knee) 2"+ one is at least 3"
0.0.2 P. pulcher (panama blonde) 4"+
0.0.1 E. campestratus (pink zebra
beauty) 3"+
0.0.2 C. fasciatum (costa rican tiger rump) 2"+
0.o.2 A. geniculata (giant white knee) 4"+
0.0.2 A. chacoana (Brazilian red rump) 4"+
0.0.1 B. albopilosum (curly hair tarantula) 1"
0.0.4 P. murinus (OBT orange baboon tarantula) 2.5"

As you can see this list contains some very nice T's and most are well
started. Most of my T's came from Mike Nelms aka Bamaspiderman and he
can vouch for me that I have invested ALOT! I really really don't want
to part with this collection but would love to see them go to someone
that will take good care of them, but this could also be a good
investment to a potential seller or you could buy this package and sell
off what you don't want. Again, I hope to sell this as a bundle package
but if all else fails I may have to split it up.

Please email me with offers to



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